Monday, February 2, 2015

The basics on finding rare records, and their values

A lot of places I see the question "what's {insert record name here} worth" or Where did you find that? etc. Here we will cover some of the basics, and more in depth secrets will come as the blog progresses.

As for the what's it worth, the age old answer is - - whatever someone will pay :) BUT, don't get caught out in the cold and pay too much!!! Here are a few helpful suggestions to help you find the value of that record you are considering buying.

A) Discogs  Fantastic site, that is being added to every day by the users. Search it for what you are looking for, and all the info about the release is there, and if you are a member (SIGN UP!) you can look at the sales history... how much they sold for, how often and when. Great place to find things you are looking for, and you can even add an "email me if one goes on sale" option on stuff you want.

B) Collectors Frenzy Great sales tracker site, has ended auction links, searchable and often has ones other sites do not have.

C) Popsike 6 million auction results. I find different stuff between here and collectors frenzy, so it is good to use both.

D) Ebay Lots of stuff sells here, and you can search for current auction or store type ads. It can help to watch current auctions to see what kind of bidding they get, or store items to see if they sell at the asking prices... I believe neither popsike or collectors frenzy track store items, only auctions. In the advanced search tab you can also search ended (last 15 days) and find actual sale prices as well. Remember with here and discogs ASKING and actual SELLING prices are 2 very different things. Also, add the items you want to your saved searches, so you do not miss anything ;)

OK, there you have the basics, get searching!

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