Monday, February 2, 2015

Find That Rare Record

Starting this blog to cover a bunch of thoughts myself as well as some friends have had over the years regarding the collecting of records.  Yes, records... call them what you will, vinyl, vinyls, vinylz, but to me in the end they still are records. One of the biggest "problems" faces by many record collectors is where to get that rare version, or why did I not know that was coming out? Missing the drop on that special piece for your collection can be very frustrating. Sometimes, you get into a band after they have a bunch out, and straight up, you missed the first ones and want those rare variants.. what to do then?

Here we will cover those questions and more. The intent is to help people find their white whales, by either posting hints and tips, or putting up links to upcoming releases. There are a few people interested in writing for this blog, and if you are as well, drop me a line.

Another thing is sometimes newer collectors do not even know some things exist, so we will also post up information about little known releases that we have or know of.

So, get your needle in the groove, and follow along to Find That Rare Record!!!

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